St. Martin de Porres a patron of Social Justice & Racial Harmony


Our programs in the Global South are driven by the need to create greater social justice in the world by addressing the root causes of poverty and injustice.

We believe that for development to be sustainable, local people must be the major stakeholders in the development projects that affect them. For this reason, we favour an approach whereby we partner with local grassroots organizations and social movements that have shown energy, creativity and a proven ability to address the needs of their community. We provide them with financial and technical support so that they can carry out their important work.

Palestinian Territories


Development and Peace has been standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine for many years and has continuously responded to the humanitarian crises that have affected the population.

After the 2014 resurgence of violence in the Gaza Strip, Development and Peace worked with Caritas Jerusalem to provide medical supplies, fuel and other necessities that were in short supply. There was also major destruction of infrastructure and housing, and Development and Peace is working with CRS and the Canadian Government to repair and winterize homes, particularly those of the poorest and most vulnerable.


Development and Peace is also supporting the Society of St. Yves in the West Bank to address human rights violations suffered by Palestinians, particularly those who have had been displaced from their land for the construction of a separation wall between Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The scope and duration of this conflict requires a regional response that is focused on peacebuilding and human dignity. Development and Peace is supporting regional organizations that are working at the grassroots level to promote tolerance and create spaces of dialogue so that peace can take root.

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