St. Martin de Porres a patron of Social Justice & Racial Harmony

How to Do Lent Differently, Right - This Year

Here are some ideas on what you can do for your Lenten commitment this year:
  • OnLine Fast - Unplug cell phone, iPod, iPad etc. for one day each week (you will see how hard it is) giving more time to read and pray during Lent.
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet a Day - Incorporate Divine Mercy Chaplet to your daily prayer.
  • Good Samaritan Bag - In your home pack a Good Samaritan Bag with non-perishable foods and toiletries and during the Lent bring them to the local FOOD BANK - not to the church. 


Our programs in the Global South are driven by the need to create greater social justice in the world by addressing the root causes of poverty and injustice.

We believe that for development to be sustainable, local people must be the major stakeholders in the development projects that affect them. For this reason, we favour an approach whereby we partner with local grassroots organizations and social movements that have shown energy, creativity and a proven ability to address the needs of their community. We provide them with financial and technical support so that they can carry out their important work.


Over the last few years, we have consolidated our programming in Madagascar around strategic partnerships aimed at supporting civil society organizations (activist networks, monitoring bodies, etc.) and communities that are organizing themselves around issues related to natural resources and their environment with the help of trained local facilitators.

Through our approach, we support various actors in taking charge of their own development through a process of empowerment which is facilitated by close accompaniment and capacity-building based on their hopes and needs.


Although initiatives supported by Development and Peace – Caritas Canada cover almost the entire country, our program is focused particularly on the island’s central region, from west (Maintirano) to east (Toamasina) and covering the regions of Bongolava, Analamanga, Atsinanana and Alaotra-Mangoro. This area includes communities that are extremely vulnerable and isolated and tend to be forgotten in aid responses.

The autonomy of the community is at the heart of our programming, which is built around two major complementary areas:

  1. Enhancing local governance so that communities can have greater control over the natural resources in their environment and benefit from greater economic, food, land and climate security.

  2. Strengthening citizen participation in all formal and informal decision-making spaces involving governance of natural resources, the environment and public life.


The Social Justice group will be presenting an online video series addressing various injustices around the world.


1st video - TRUE COLOURS

             Did you know that 97% of our clothing are made overseas where

             conditions are devastating to say the least ! Educate yourself about 

             the violations, discover ways to shop smarter &learn what we can do.      

From - Reel Justice Film Festival, Diocesan Library 


Go to -

             To join the film RSVP on the link above


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